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The Port of Houston is a primary port of entry for goods coming into the US market from Asia, Europe, and South America; ranking first in the country in foreign tonnage, second in total tonnage, and is the sixth largest port in the world. Close to 7,000 vessels and 150,000 barges, representing over 100 steamship lines, enter the Port of Houston every year, connecting with over 1,000 ports around the world. 

The Port of Houston terminals at Barbours Cut and Bayport represent the most modern intermodal facilities on the Gulf Coast.  The Bayport terminal’s expansion will triple the container handling capacity of the Port.

To learn more about the Port of Houston and its facilities, visit their web site at www.portofhouston.com

Barbours Cut Terminal


1919 - The first direct shipment of cotton to Europe left the Port on the MV Merry Mount
1930 - The Port ranked third in the US for foreign exports
1937 - The Port was second to only New York in tonnage
1943 - Synthetic rubber was mass-produced by two new Houston plants and shipped for use in World War II through the Port
1956 - The Port unloaded the world’s first containership
1962 - Developed by the Port of Houston Authority, the Houston World Trade building was the first facility of its kind in the US
1962 - Houston became the first choice for NASA’s headquarters – built on the basis of the transporting facilities at the Port
1981 - Use of the double-stacked train was introduced at the Port
2006 - The Ports opens Bayport Container Terminal